Gillespie-Stack-Grannell L.L.C.


"...No Green House Gasses or Carbon Particulate..."

Ammonia Internal Combustion Technology

The firm of Gillespie Stack Grannel L.L.C. (GSG) develops technology to allow simple conversion of internal combustion engines to operate substantially on anhydrous ammonia. GSG owns and controls the core international as well as U.S. intellectual property in this area.

GSG's work includes not only theoretical work and extensive laboratory research, but functional prototypes which have be operated in 5,000 mile test drives across the United States and performed flawlessly.

With gasoline prices above roughly US$2.25 per gallon, operation of vehicles, trucks and machinery on anhydrous ammonia represents a direct and immediate cost savings. Additionally, the ammonia molecule which is composed solely of hydrogen and nitrogen, releases no green house gasses or carbon particulate when burned. This enourmouse benefit reduces global warming, and smog. Other signifcant technical, financial and ecological benefits are also realized with ammonia operation.

Licensing positions are still available domestically and internationally.

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